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. . . special considerations?
*sigh* Late to the party again

Unclenick has given you the obligatory plunk illustration; which is likely among the most useful things you'll ever seen on the interweb. So we got that outta the way.

I've been loading 45 ACP since October 1984. Tens of thousands of rounds, to be certain. With a minor shoulder shrug or two along the way, I pretty much agree with everything stated.

I want to emphasize the W231/HP-38 thing: It'll do about 95% of everything you'll need to do with 45 ACP - save max velocity; especially with heavies (230's). Otherwise, it'll do it all.

Bullseye is right there too. But it is just a tick faster than W231 and a lot more energetic. So that translates to less forgiveness on the top end.

As for TiteGroup: I've used a fair amount of it in 45 ACP. And it works great. But it runs hot, so it is best reserved for jacketed or plated slugs. But in that role, it delivers great, consistent performance. Even more than Bullseye, it's super energetic, so pushing max pressure can be a nervy task. I had great luck with it pushing 200gn plated FP's.

All that said, I think the main thing I can add here is that propellants used in 45 ACP behave slower than you'd expect. It's like burn rate chart "shifts" down a notch or two. I don't know, but I have speculated that it has something to do with 45 ACP's aspect ratio (it's short n fat ), along with it's low pressure. Whatever the case may be, everything is slower. So what is considered to be a fast power can deliver some surprising velocities.
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