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When will we be able to buy Glock G46 in US?

Originally Posted by Double Naught Spy View Post

When the claim is made that something is more accurate than the previous design, I would expect some less questionable documentation, LOL.

They posted their results and they didn't look superior to the results of folks shooting older Glocks at the same distance.

It’s not the same people shooting or measuring the groups you’re comparing. You’re comparing a writer-chosen, 3 shot group from a Ransom Rest to a series of fourteen 5 shot groups from a sandbag. I don’t know that I consider that apples to apples.

It’s a third party website as well, not Glock themselves. I’m not sure a third party website owes anyone any kind of “documentation” when they make a statement about a certain action type in general. This was what the article stated :

“By the way, rotary action pistols are said to be more accurate, since the barrel does not tilt or moves back as with the Browning-SIG-Petter system, but only performs a rotating motion.”

I don’t personally read that statement as a claim that this pistol will be definitively more accurate than Glock’s existing designs. Seems more like a hypothesis.

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