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hip shooting

A trick to help with "hip shooting" is not to shoot from the hip. BAck in the day we had a stage in the agency shotgun FAQ that was called termed "assault position" but was normally referred to as hip shooting. Lots of folks could not hit squat (7 yds, 00buck) as they would literally shoot from the hip. The trick was to get the butt/pistol grip up high, tucked hard under the armpit. This brings the bore up closer to line of sight and makes a difference for most folks. However, change the distances involved, and the circumstances of that fixed static range stage, and accuracy again went down the tubes for most folks while "assault" firing.

The entire technique was mostly useless and was abandoned as better shooting while moving techniques became known and were more widely taught. I'd put the Shockwave and it's relatives into the mostly useless category myself as well.
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