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Neither one releases the next shell on the trigger pull. When you go past 2 or 3 rounds in the magazine, that leads to feed bobbles.
Sorry for the delay, was running and shooting matches.

THE reason that the M2, VM, M3000, Vinci, A5 and 1301 are the only guns chosen for use by the top level 3Gunners is for this very reason. Auto-loading shotguns are designed for 2 or 3 rounds in the magazine tube and a certain level of force to eject the shell. The Remington 11xx series actually has stamped metal parts in the trigger group that NEED the shell to strike them with enough force to trip the release. They do in fact lock open on every shot fired. So you need more magazine tube pressure which results in more force on the stamped metal parts which is why they fail sooner than others. If the spring uses the "stock" design pressure, you get shell surge and the accompanying FTF.

With a longer magazine tube, more force and more mass, the shotguns that release the shell on the trigger pull do not have this problem, that is why they are more reliable and also why they last longer.
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