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Moral dilemma

My .02cents only,
The conflict comes from our upbringing and our experiences. In the Christian faith and others, we are told to respect other living things, that we would go to hell if we killed someone. Socially, we were brought up to protect others, especially someone in need (Good Samaritan).
In the Bible, we also have this duality of a vengeful God (who smote the heathens through his chosen emissaries), then some of us were thrust into combat in wars where killing is not only acceptable, but it was also to survive.
I have a large monkey on my back that I am dealing with, but that's for some other time when the moon is full and we have had a few Shiners.

In your case, you feel guilt because you wanted to zap the BG. The point is you did not. We are not guilty for our thoughts...unless you were brought up Catholic like I was, in which case I should be blind and I should have really hairy palms....I kid...I kid...Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. I get to say my rosary again.
In man, we will always have desires that we would like to act on but we don't. That is taking the moral high ground of which is exercised by many of the TFL'ers such as yourself....and that my friend, is the difference.
A lesser man would have acted on his impulse and shot the BG as he appeared to have deserved. A man of moral strength and higher principles would were tempted to, Animal, and you told Satan," To get thee behind me." The temptation and the desire was still presented to you which means you were still being tested...and you stood against the test.

Please take it from someone who has been there several times. You are a man of moral fiber...that's why you were tested. IMO you passed with flying colors.
Now quit beating yourself over this guilt trip and pop open a shiner for each of us. These long posts makes a man dry.
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