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Yes, you can purchase the upper without having the paperwork. Some places may ask you for it though. Having just an upper is not a problem. Having a short upper and a rifle lower in your possession is.

The fingerprint office should have the cards. BLUE INK cards (the borders between the boxes are blue, not black) for ATF.

If you own the lower already, then the dealer is out of the picture. You will be manufacturing a SBR from your lower on the Form 1. If you are going to buy a lower that has already been registered as a SBR, then you do a Form 4 transfer instead of the Form 1 "Manufacture a firearm". Either way, you pay $200 - transfers and manufacturing is the some cost.

If you are saying that you are going to SBR a rifle you already own and use in rifle configuration, then you have to send in the Form 1 first. Once it comes back as approved, then you have your lower engraved and it's an SBR. At that time, you can buy the short upper and install.
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