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"Because Chicks Dig it"... thats a good one... I would like to know what the ATF see's... I wish they could post here with what people have filed..

For my corporate F4's I guess it will be "For all legal purposes"...

I finally moved into an area that the local CLEO signes, so when my schedule permits I will begin transfering my corporate assets into my personal collection.

Being the wife is Active Duty I will do this before we transfer in 3 years.....

I love the Pensacola, FL area!!! Quiet and very beautiful beaches, calm retirement town, low crime, and good schools, and a community that doesn't mind firearms and NFA items...

With states like Colorado, Virginia, Florida, North and South Caros, and generally the southers eastern states, why would firearms nutts live in unfriendly places?
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