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I'm shaking my head at some of the statements made in this thread.

S&W 19 not a real magnum?
.357 not a preferred SD round?
.357 ballistics pedestrian?
S&W 586 is crap?
"Tons" of lock failure stories?

The M19 is called the Combat Magnum. It has .357 stamped on the barrel.
.357 is arguably the best man-stopper of all time.
.357 ballistics have been proven by the F.B.I. - I'll take their word for it.
Lock failure stories? Ya, there are "tons" of Elvis is alive and BigFoot sighting stories too.

I could go into detail about these things - but if you know about firearms - I don't even have to. And if you really believe those statements to be true, nothing I say here is gonna help you. Crossing my fingers they were just trolling?

The GP100 is a fine revolver. It's a great value for the money. Best ever made? Hardly.

It's not even the best being made today.
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