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The Alien is definitely a cool gun. Honestly, I see some features that have been standard feature on .22LR handguns for years. The low-axis, fixed barrel reminds my of my S&W 622 from 1992. And the slide that reciprocates independent of the upper portion of the gun is reminiscent of Browning Buckmarks and several other 22 autos. A gun with a fixed barrel is inherently more accurate and precise than one that move with ever cycle and has sights attached to a different moving part of the gun. The low bore axis results in less muzzle flip and a more straight-back recoil push. I don't know if Laugo was the first to think of incorporating these ideas into a 9mm or just the first to figure out the engineering of how to do it with a more powerful cartridge than .22LR. Either way, it's a darn cool gun and seems to do exactly what was intended. I'd love to see these feature in more of an "every day" pistol than the current "race gun" that the Alien is.
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