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I don't quite understand why the word luxury bothers you so much. I feel like my comments have been fairly even handed and in no way have I attempted to condemn you for making this purchase. As you said, agree to disagree.
I hear you. I'm just trying to find out why you think its a luxury firearm is all. I'm tired of the stereotype of a gun being expensive and therefore not necessary, when a $500 Glock may seem more expensive to some than a $5000 Alien does to others. Where is the cut off?

Here's my Atlas Hyperion. It has no pretty finish and isn't at all flashy. Its built for one thing only, Limited competition. Its a thoroughbred and built to be the best Limited 9mm pistol in the world. It cost more than even the Alien. However, I don't see it as a luxury firearm. Its a pistol built for serious hard use and literally hundreds of thousands of round.

These are my idea of luxury firearms. These Korths aren't built for any particular purpose other than to be extremely nice. They are way too heavy for carry and not trimmed properly for any competition whatsoever. The blued finish is to look nice rather than be durable and the ergonomics are an afterthought. But they are damn nice. These are luxury handguns.

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