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Sorry, Rachen, you're wrong.

The Trapdoor system of rifles (both conversions and designed) served as the primary military military arm from 1870 to 1892.

Prior to 1870 the Trapdoors were not standard issue; they were largely experimental/test rifles that were used to work out a variety of issues, such as if converting Model 1863 rifled muskets with barrel liners and a breech mechanism was effective (it wasn't).

I THINK that the Model of 1870 was the first Trapdoor Springfield to be made from the ground up as a new rifle, and I believe it was also the first Trapdoor model selected as the standard service arm.

The Trapdoor served as the primary military firearm in Army service only until 1892, when it was replaced by the Model 1892 Krag-Jorgenson.

The Trapdoor soldiered on in military service with Volunteer Forces (Spanish-American War), and state militias and guards until just before World War II (in some cases), but it wasn't the standard long arm.
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