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Since I was still giddy with yesterday's results today--I decided to get "greedy" and try again--except this time I wanted to push it out further to 300 yds. Unfortunately, construction gear was in the way, so I had to settle for 254 yards. The other really big problem is that as I was setting up the sun started breaking through the 100% overcast and that almost immediately caused the winds to double in speed as well as kick off thermal turbulence and gustiness. 5 mph is about my max for reasonably doping the wind for 22lr, gusts were spinning off erratically at three times that speed. Way out of my league, as it turned out, but I still shot half a box of R 100 to learn what I could. Even half a box is an expensive day.

The only group that showed promise was the very first one which I got off before the sun broke through and kicked things off. Had I not pulled that shot close to the target dot it could have been an awesome 5 shot group. I tried 4 more times but the the best I could do was around 3" after this first group.

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