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Surely this is not the first time you've shot two bullets through the same hole.... and here I thought you were a real rifleman...
Not a real one--I just play pretend one on the internet. Seriously, if I can do this--surely somebody out there with one of those psychedelic ultra-modern (ultra-expensive) race rigs and actually has good technique could easily produce a ragged hole at this distance.

I also bought a few box of CCI's stinger which scoots along at 1,600 fps+ and has no issues chambering in my CZ's non-match chamber. It's case appears to be made of steel and is also slightly longer than a "normal" 22lr case. Unfortunately it's apparently mated to a bullet that isn't optimized for target shooting--at least it doesn't group minute of solar system in my rifle. But once someone figures out an optimal bullet design--I think this could be a path to the future of long range performance 22lr shooting. It's hard for me to imagine the likes of Ely and RWS (who appear to be the best bullet designers in 22lr as far as I can tell) aren't taking a close look at CCI's ammo.
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