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While I agree that just buying 7mm-08 Remington brass is obviously the most practical and best way to go sometimes getting the brass you want is easier said than done. When I resized .308 Win to 7mm-08 Remington there was no 7mm-08 Remington brass to be had nor even 7mm-08 Remington loaded ammunition to be had. I did have a mountain of 7.62 NATO brass so that is what I used. On another note as UncleNick points out, doing the math my case neck thickness increased by 0.001" going from 0.014" to 0.015" which is nothing to be concerned about or requiring ID neck turning. Measured using a Starret case neck micrometer. So while just buying 7mm-08 brass is the ideal solution the answer to can .308 Win (7.62 NATO) brass be run through a 7mm-08 die and be used the answer is yes keeping in mind the head stamp and never confuse your brass which is a very good point.

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