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Originally Posted by Double Naught Spy
No. However, Texas does recognize TN CCWs. You could use your TN for carry in Texas.
If I read the information I found on correctly, Tennessee does not issue non-resident permits. When pgb205 relocated from Tennessee to Florida, he became a non-resident. I think that means his Tennessee permit is no longer valid.

Originally Posted by Double Naught Spy
With that said, in Texas, you don't need a LTC (Texas CCW) to carry openly or concealed as a law abiding citizen.
I take this opportunity to, once again, remind everyone of the hidden danger in "constitutional carry": the federal Gun Free School Zones Act. That is a federal law that makes it illegal to possess a loaded firearm within 1,000 feet of any school property. The exception built into that law is a license or permit issued by the state in which the school is located. I am not aware of any case law that has established that no permit is considered to be equal to a permit.
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