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Mike Irwin I feel your pain. At least in a second hand sort of way.

I have a friend who is routinely denied firearms purchases. His usually resolve in several days, but it's maddening for him...
A NICS denial isn't resolved in just "several days". It may take several months. Over the last fourteen years I've only had a handful of denials and none were resolved in less than three months. Once FBI NICS issues a "denied" status, they wont change it until the buyer completes the appeals process.

A NICS delay on the other hand is often resolved in just a few days and quite often within the hour.

Mike Irwin ....As I said, it's always released within a matter of hours, and has never required additional action on his part.
Your friend is getting delayed, not denied.
When the dealer runs the background check, he gives NICS the buyers descriptive information. If that information results in multiple records returning and anu one of them is that of a prohibited person then the NICS operator will tell the dealer that the transaction "is delayed while NICS conducts additional research. The Brady Law does not prohibit the transfer of the firearm on xx/xx/xxxx".

That operator/customer service rep can't make the determination, thats done by an FBI Legal Documents Examiner. They compare the buyers information with the prohibiting records and when satisfied that the buyer is not the guy doing time......the status changes to proceed.
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