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I have long read about doubles - especially double express rifles - being regulated to converge both barrels to the same POI at some arbitrary range. Beyond which, the shots "cross" and diverge. So if your barrels are an inch apart and they are set to converge at 100 yards, then they will only shoot an inch apart at 200 yards. Not a liability at iron sight hunting ranges.

But Ray Ordorica looked into that. He found that his double, I forget the make, shot parallel. His individual barrel groups remained that inch apart as far as he could get good hits. Jack Lott saw something close to that with an O/U that was good at scoped hunting rifle ranges.

This does not mean the barrels were installed parallel, they still had to be regulated because the barrels are offset from the line of sight and from the center of support against your shoulder and in-barrel recoil moves the gun differently. W.W. Greener had a customer who demanded parallel barrels and was disagreeably surprised by the poor shooting.
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