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More 25 PRC diddling

Having set aside my 6mm BR norma ambitions for the time being (I will be back with a different barrel) I decided to return to work on my 25 PRC project which has also been somewhat frustrating.

The biggest problem is the very sparse load data that is out there--and what little is out there has not worked out very well in my set-up for whatever reason. It's a "hot number" and so far proving to be quite temperamental with even small variations in loads. My barrel is a 28" preferred barrel blanks 7" twist. Most of the loads I've seen seem to lean towards near full-capacity slower burning magnum powders, so that's were I concentrated most of my work. I'm also using genix LR primers (times are lean for primers, I suspect since these are NATO primers their brisance is quite high) with 133 hybrids.

Today I decided just for the heck of it to go to a faster burning powder (4350) at lower case volume and my barrel said "thank you, that's what I like." Took me about 225 shots around MOA or slightly under to find this, not to mention a significant start on the throat cutting which I put on par with my 300 weatherby magnum.

This is 346 yds with a pretty stiff left cross wind using my HD5 7 x 35 at the lowest setting of 7x. Without the shot at lower right the group would have been under .3--yah, I know, anything under 10 shots is lame, but I'll still take it.

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