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As a guy who has shot a lot of slugs, I can tell you once you are use to rifle
sights they are just as fast. It probably makes little difference for buck shot
but I found it fast and accurate on small shot when after grouse and rabbits in
heavy cover. If you have a gun that shots slugs over the factory bead you have
got a cherry. They do exist but they are scarce. I guess it depends on the degree
of accuracy needed for the purpose at 30-40' with buck sights aren't much use
or a bead. Slug shoots here are 100' no optics. If you can't shoot into 2" you
might as well save your money. Out of 14 guys someone has to drive the X
to win. Over half the shooters will nick it and all are running rifle sights. These
guys are serious and aren't running factory sights. Most have Hi standard and
Win 25s or other older guns with solid frames and non detachable barrels. Of
course all this isn't necessary for SD shotguns. But I would say you have to be
quick to get on a running deer in thick cover.
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