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1. Reliability
2. Accuracy
3. Quality Manufacturer
4. Bonded Core JHP
5. Higher End Of Velocity for Caliber Chosen

(From 38Spl to 45ACP)

I am not "married" to a brand. I seem to find myself carrying Critical Duty across the spectrum for the last 5 years because it fulfills all the 5 criteria above. I have fallen into the habit of carrying a Glock 34 and a pair spares almost exclusively with a Glock 48 loaded with a 15 round SHIELD magazine as a BUG for the last 2 years since all this BLaMTIFA crap started, and the Critical Duty is more than satisfactory (for me) in both platforms.

We're living in the best time for ammo technology ever in my opinion, so just about any premium quality JHP from a quality manufacturer will do the job.

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