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Thanks All!

I have the PT99, which is known for having rear sight failures of the adjustable sight- and there are no more available for repair/replacement.

I found a PT92 parts kit, with everything except frame and grips.

However, there was a spot of rust here/there on inside of 1 rail on slide and about a dime size of rust inside the barrel. It was like a drop of water was sitting on the front edge of the inside of the barrel, and it lightly rusted there.

I have killed the rust and cold blued, but I was thinking of nitride for inside the barrel to be sure it never comes back.

The spare slide is blued, so I believe it is the carbon steel, the rust dusting cleaned up nicely, but it could be nicer also.

My thought is that, if I do this, I'll have a reliable setup for the next 30 years or so. Esp considering the infrequency with which I get to the range, and the number of options I have to select from on each trip.

I like the PT99/92 layout more than the Beretta, as I can do cocked and locked, and mine is the old non-decocker version, so it is more like my 1911.

After my first range trip I decided to invest in the parts kit. First time shooting a handgun in 3 months, first time shooting the PT99, and all 10 shots hit the 6x8" [about, give/take inch] metal reactive target at about 15 yards.

With my astigmatism, my focal distance being 4.5' to infinity [all handgun/rifle front sights are blurry], and my hand tremors at times, I was incredibly happy. I was just as good with this as my BHP .40 or 1911, which I am more familiar with.

Thanks for the insights everyone!
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