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Nitriding doesn't make the steel rougher, it just makes it harder. I can't see an increase in mechanical wear. Where does the Taurus barrel rub against the frame?

Nitriding of one part like a barrel is not as expensive as I thought. An increase in barrel life from 30000 - 50000 up to 80000 - 100000 may be worth it to you.

If you are shooting that much, you should get on a regular schedule of parts replacement. Ernest Langdon changes Beretta locking blocks every 20000 and replaces various springs at 5000 - 10000.

Anecdote Alert: A guy here shot a Taurus 92 most of the time to "not put the wear" on his Beretta, Sigs, Colts, Smiths, etc, etc. On the rare occasion when he did shoot a name brand like a Sig, he used a replacement barrel so as to not "put wear" on the original.
He shot that Taurus a lot, thousands and tens of thousands of rounds, and it was kind of like George Washington's axe; he eventually replaced nearly the whole gun, one part at a time.
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