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Nitrided Barrel and undue wear on aluminum frame?

Hello All,

basic question: If I get my pistol barrel Nitrided for durability, will this accelerate the wear on the aluminum frame that it sits in?

This is for a Taurus PT92, but the logic would be the same for a Beretta 92/M9, except that there wouldn't be as much value in the Nitride inside the bore on a Beretta.

I am considering a refinish of the slide and barrel on my PT92 and like the black nitride look, esp with the durability inside the bore.

However, the 'basic question' above came to me and I thought I'd ask.

Please- no snark about the pistol. I know what it is and how it differs from the Beretta- and that is my choice.

I want it to last as long as possible.

My first goal is the inside of the barrel bore. I don't need it everywhere, but I don't think they can do inside barrel only.

So, your thoughts?
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