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Couple things , I have a CCW for Nevada . There is no law on the books that you can not carry in the hotels or Casinos . However if the casino sees you carrying and asks you to leave you must leave immediately or be charged with trespassing . They can also refuse stay at there hotel if you say you have a firearm/s and refuse to store them in there house safe or off site .

Second and I did not know this until 2019 last time I was there but when you check in at as far as I know any hotel . You must sign a ( forget the exact name ) wellness check paper stating you agree that the casino staff can enter your room unannounced at ANY time for a wellness check . I believe this was put in place after the mass shooting there .

Put those 2 together and you better be prepared to deal with some harassment if you either state you have a gun or are seen carrying . I choose not to say anything either way . Yes my room was entered while I was out one time and it was not the cleaning personnel. The room was under a friends name and I don’t recall if he was notified that they went in but things were definitely moved around a bit . Not some big search or anything but a few things were not where I remember putting them . Nothing taken , just appears they had a look see .
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