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Picking the favorite 22 handgun would be like picking your favorite child.

The one I shoot the most "at the moment" would be my 6" S&W 617-10 shooter. I shoot steel challenge with it. It replaced my S&W 617-6 Shooter that I owned forever.

Then we have my Ruger MK IV Target, which replaced my Ruger MK III Target. The Mark IV was a major up grade in my opinion. Again mostly used for Steel Challenge.

Then we have my Super 14 Contender. I have owned it for Thirty or so years. It has the same Burris scope as my Deer Hunting Centerfire Contender's. Great practice handgun.

I have been upgrading my Hunting Handguns to Nosler M48's the last few months. The Nosler M48 is a Center Grip, Right Bolt, Right Port, Single Shot, Handgun. Pretty much a modern version of the Remington XP100.
For a Practice Handgun to go with the Nosler M48, I am in the middle of building an XP100 Center Grip, Single Shot in 22LR.
I am doing the build with a new Remington 40X Single Shot Target Action from the Remington Custom Shop. I will be using a Rockwell Center Grip Stock in Nutmeg Laminate. I have a slightly used Factory Remington XP100 Trigger Assembly that will have the Trigger Link lengthened for the 700 SA Footprint which is 1/2" longer than the original Remington 600/XP100 Action. For a Barrel I am using a takeoff 40X Bull Barrel, shortened on both ends and rechambered. It will probably be 15" when completed. When I bought the Barrel I was hoping that it would have Remington stamped on it. From what I have learned it looks like the Commercial Barrels were the only ones marked. This one apparently was off a Military Contract Rifle. For a scope it will have the same Weaver 2.5-10X Classic Extreme that is on my Deer Hunting M48 in 6.5 Creedmoor. I am waiting on the Rockwell Stock and Remington Action at the moment. The XP100 22LR will have pretty much the same feel, same operation Right Bolt/Right Port as my M48's and the same Scope with the same Eye Relief. Did I mention that this is a lot cheaper to feed, and I do not have to reload for it.

I use them all for different purposes, so picking only one of the four would be very hard.

Bob R

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