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Does this mean that lying on a 4473 is actually going to start getting prosecuted?
I didn't see a requirement for that anywhere in the new act. Only a requirement to report a denial to various LEOs and a time frame.

Remember that when our current President was Vice President, and specifically asked about prosecuting people who lie on the 4473, his answer was "We don't have time for that,,," along with a dismissive hand wave...

PERHAPS now that he's been President a while, he has "time for that", but, I doubt it.

Remember that we are dealing with several intertwined POSSIBLE criminal acts here, and various jurisdictions and responsibilities of numerous state, local, tribal, AND Federal agencies.

Consider. lying on a Federal form is a Federal matter, and a slightly different matter than illegally attempting to obtain a firearm, which MAY be a state/local matter.

However, if no firearm was obtained, it may not be in the same class of offense....

What I am seeing with my admittedly murky vision is this act creates both a CYA and a scapegoat for the FED ('we notified local LE,,") when nothing, or very little gets done or changes.
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