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Your right sorry , I went back and reread this several times . Not sure why I did not process that correctly the first time .

NSSF has confirmed with NICS that FFLs will not be required to provide the buyer’s complete address as recorded on Form 4473 when initiating a background check. NICS will require FFLs to provide NICS with this information in the event of a Denial or a Delay. NICS advises that the reason for asking for the buyer’s complete address information in the case of Delay is because in the event the Delay is determined to be a Denial the NICS Denial Notification Act requires NICS to notify law enforcement information within 24 hours of denial including the prohibited person’s address. NICS believes they would not be able to meet this statutory 24-hour requirement if they had to contact the FFL in order to obtain the buyer’s address.
I still think they are doing to keep track of as many firearms owners as possible . They could have wrote into the law a timeframe in which they could accomplish what they need with out getting all that data . Yet they use a time frame they know would be impossible to meet thus requiring the FFL to supply the info they wanted all along .
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