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At the moment it's a step back in time .... to the old West of the 1873 era
A Single Action Ruger Wrangler , 6 shots , fixed sights and about as un-tactical as it gets .
But I grew up in 50's - 70's watching Westerns , big screen movies ...Shane , High Noon , etc and then the TV shows and I always wanted a 4 5/8" barreled SAA Gunfighter quick draw revolver ... the dealer had a all black Wrangler for $199 and the cowboy / gunfighter jumped out and bought it . It's not a 45 Colt or 44-40 ... but a 22 LR ... That's Okay ... it will do just fine . That short barreled SAA revolver is even doing nightstand duty ... no bad guys had betterr try to rob this stagecoach !
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