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I picked up a set of “Anti-Squirrel” pins a few years ago for my AR lower that I swap uppers on for different uses. It was the best purchase I made. The pins all had grooves in them for the respective spring arms to seat in, specifically the hammer torsion spring and the trigger return spring. These specific pins had threaded holes in the ends for cap screws. Low profile heads and hex drive to make it just near impossible to slip out of the head.

Dabbed the threads in blue loc-tite and snugged them down. They haven’t moved since. I am a fan of them. I think it put me out $25 with shipping for the set. That was right when Obama took office, and the panic set in that he would do something stupid. So they might have been a $5 with shipping set, but I was having issues with walk out at the time, and figured what the heck.
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