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If your grip panel screw bushings unscrew, they are un-staked in the style of the Colt Goldcup. The simplest thing for you to do is to clean both the male and female bushing threads with solvent to remove grease and oil, then use a toothpick to apply Loctite to them. It will hold the bushing in place while you get the screw out. Avoid excess, as you don't want Loctite getting into the grip screw and locking that thread, too.

Assemble and let the Loctite have plenty of time to fully set, then unscrew the screw. I use the red Loctite 271 to guarantee hold. It's about 10 times stronger than the others. However, it needs to be heated to over 250°F to release it if you ever need to undo your work. On the 1911 frame, a hot air gun will get it there and the temperature is too low to bother the steel.

Incidentally, if one bushing lets go, the others are likely to at some point, so you may want to remove and clean all the bushings and Loctite them all in. There is also a staking tool available from Midway, but Loctite seems to work and costs less. Also, since there is a way to remove the bushings after Loctiting them in, you will have an easier chore doing that than you will have getting staked bushings out should you decide to refinish the frame at some point.
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