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Another removal method that doesn't damage the bushing is to use alcohol to degrease the bushing and the hole in the frame.

Put a small amount of Loctite BLUE on the threads and reattach to the frame snugly.
Give the Loctite 12 to 24 hours to cure, then unscrew the grip screw by using a fitted screwdriver and giving the screw a quick "snap" to break it loose.

Once apart, remove all the bushings, clean with alcohol and apply either Loctite Blue or Red.
This will secure the bushings, but they can be removed by touching a soldering iron to them to melt the Loctite.

When working with 1911 grip bushings, buy a bushing driver tool from Brownell's.
This surrounds the bushing and prevent deforming it, or worse, stripping the threads........
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