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Anyway, I lack a 1911-style pistol. I really lean toward 9mm, but I only have two pistols in .45ACP. I found that a 1911 in 45 has unpleasant recoil. Are there any that are typically softer shooting?
Thanks in advance!
Yep, the HK USP 45 is softer shooting than a 1911. And the basic versions can be surprisingly cheap also. The Tacticool versions can cost twice as much as the base version, but even the base is a world class firearm and tough as nails.

Another similar option is the HK45, a slightly slimmer evolution of the USP. Both are easy to shoot accurately and less tiring than a 1911 with any ammo, but especially the hot stuff. HK has a proprietary recoil reduction buffer system on both of these fine firearms, and it evidently works.
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