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Originally Posted by HighDesert View Post
I’m in the buy the original caliber camp. With so many 9mm options, I’d stick with a .45 in 1911. They don’t all have the same recoil. Brand and model and material made a big difference. My wife can shoot a full size Dan Wesson steel frame just fine and she’s 5’ 2” with small hands and recoil sensitive. An Officer edition is way too hard hitting for her in contrast. She’s shot other makes and felt uncomfortable with them.

If it’s going to be a 1911 “style”, then STI 2011 in 9mm all the way. If it can be a bit of a hybrid than Dan Wesson DWX. Both have as close to zero felt recoil as they come, double stack magazines, comfortable, gorgeous and a joy to shoot.
I used to feel this way too, then I picked up an RIA that has both a 9mm setup and a .22TCM setup. Mainly picked it up because the price was right and I was intrigued by the dual caliber option. I also didn’t want to add another caliber to my loading bench. I shoot 9mm in it 98% of the time and it’s a joy to shoot, very accurate and dependable, but every once in a while I’ll shoot the .22TCM it’s such a hoot.
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