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Oh well, that's good to know. Maybe I can get some money out of the thing then at the next gun show. I'll make up a sign, "Magic tumbler! Bidding starts at $500!!!"

I'm gonna be RICH I tell ya, RICH!
Rich, that is just funny as hell!

I guess it may depend on what tumbler you have. I doubt Cabelas ever made anything in their existents.

I have a M2 Hornady which is their entry level model. It may not have enough poop to lift a loaded .308.
My .308s sunk and I never saw any sign of them again. It works really well with just empty cases. I guess that's what it was designed to do.
The better vibratory tumblers probably do a better job of lifting heavier rounds up and moving them around. I primarily use a rotary tumblerI built 30 years ago and I bought this vibratory on a whim.
But I like it.
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