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Not going to comment on what the gent did or didn't do BUT if the guy with a bottle, turned it around to act like a bludgeon, and feeling threatened, you shot him....not sure if the resulting LEO would view this as a 'stand your ground' issue..I don't know but it probably would have opened a YUGE can of worms for you.

Ahh, once again, RTFP, Read The Farging Posts...OP knew his rights and was prepared in case the situation escalated to something 'life threatening'...

Guy in a neighborhood close to outta car in his driveway..guy walked up, smacked him with something and stole his wallet. If I saw somebody wandering around my street(cul-de-sac) that I didn't recognize, I would get outta car, watch him..and maybe with my CCW weapon, out, behind my leg. If he approached, at distance, confront politely, 'can I help you' type stuff..if he says nothing, continues to close, if he has anything in his hand..he's going to see my gun...

"Tools not Trophies”

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