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Originally Posted by TunnelRat View Post
So you drove up and see these guys that concerned you so much that you drew your firearm, put it in your hand, and walked with it pointed at these guys. I get that it was your hotel room, but you had a car that gave you an escape. Why not just go for a ride around the block, or drive to a convenience store and get a snack? Then come back and see if they're still there. Why walk willingly into that situation? Had that coat blown aside or been brushed aside you're brandishing a firearm and pointing it towards people that had not at that point made any threats. In certain locations that might be considered in itself assault. It also might have triggered those guys to do something when they may well have been just drunk idiots (if they're going to attack you seems to me that one would want to get in your blind spot, not all three stand in front of you). Idk. This is just my read of things.

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Yeah you are completely right. I should have just drove around in circles going to convenient stores snacking on peanuts and circling the parking lot until they were gone. Yeah your right. I should let three possible thugs dictate when, where, and how I move in life. These Texas gangs like MS13 LOVE for you to be afraid. And your right about the weapon too. I should have let them cave the side of my head in with the bottle and then pull the weapon. Or I could have sat in the truck with the doors locked waiting till whenever to go to my room. All sounds great!
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