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For all the numerous restrictions that may exist for this and the other in the architecture of Estonia's weapons act, it does allow me (as a sports shooter) to buy silencers without any additional hoops or costs,
Which is quite different from the situation in the US. Here, one needs a special (federal) license, and there's a $200 fee tax, per device. Not all states allow them. Back when that law was made (National Firearms Act of 1934) they had the notion that silencers (among other things regulated by NFA34) were favored tools of criminals.

Incidentally, I don't reload for 9mm. It comes out far cheaper to just buy factory ammo than to load my own.
Whereas I both hand cast and hand load the majority of what I shoot. The Lone Wolf's chamber is known to be tighter than Glock's. That's one of the reasons people buy them, after all. I found that a significant fraction of my handloaded cartridges wouldn't chamber easily. The Lee FCD fixed that problem.

So, something to keep in mind. Factory loaded ammo shouldn't be a problem.

BTW, I acquired a Lee Classic Turret a couple weeks ago. I like that press!
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