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I did a day long course on long range pistol shooting, inspired by the Peach House RV Park shooting. We went from 3 yds to 200 yds. By the end of the day everyone in a class of 12 could get repeated hits at 100 yds. These weren't quick draw competitions, but we weren't doing a shot a minute either. A number of the people did this with DA/SA pistols and a DA first shot. In fact the only guy, younger guy in his 20s, that hit at 200 yds did so in DA with a P226. I could not hit at 200, though I did come close. We were shooting at full size IPSC steel plates.

I also prefer the term active shooter. Sometimes it's a mass shooter, sometimes it's a domestic or other dispute that spills over. It's not always someone who has as his goal originally to kill a large group of people. While I generally advise people mind their own business, call the police, and be good witnesses first, situations can evolve.

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