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At one time I carried a DAO duty weapon; my inability to make 25 yard headshots as quickly as I could with a consistent trigger is why I eventually switched to a new weapon.

It's nice to carry a gun you like, but I like carrying a gun I can shoot well.

Yeah, heard that. With DAO you can't even attempt to make the pull better by cocking the hammer. Understand that 100%. I'd do the same.

There's a Publix here (similar to Kroger's) that is 100yds straight or more. An isle is 25-30.

I assume by "active shooter" you actually mean "mass shooter."
No. Active shooter. If he's actively shooting we don't know the quantities yet. If he's stopped before it becomes a mass shooting, it's not a mass shooting. If you engage and incapacitate and active shooter, he's no longer active.

ms6852, good on you for practicing that. I can't imagine I'd be able to hit anything at 50-100 yards in DA unless I stage the ever living heck out of the trigger. Something I won't be doing in an active shooter scenario. O_O
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