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To me with a DA/SA pistol you should be able to pull off a DA hit on the torso at 50 yds and a headshot ideally at 25 yds, with the latter not being easy but not impossible either. Going very quickly I'd expect a torso hit. A good instructor focusing on sight alignment and trigger control should be able to get you there. I could do it when I shot DA/SA primarily and others could much better than I.

What I found over time was that shooting a Glock "safe-action" type trigger where the pull weight was identical as opposed to DA/SA simply required less practice. I also became less convinced of the need of that DA pull for safety.

If you are going to carry DA/SA I argue dry fire is critical. I argue it's good either way, but with DA/SA perhaps moreso. This isn't just me saying this, Todd Green and any number of other shooters have felt or feel the same way. A good drill is the Wall Drill by George Harris. You should find it on the late Mr. Green's website.

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