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Concealed Carry / Work / Security work + Distance x DA/SA vs Striker/SAO

Sorry about the equation. Thought it'd be funny.

Well, this is short and sweet.

We've seen stories of LE, security, military, and even CC citizens taking long distance shots. Sometimes with success, guess they don't make it to headlines without.

Anyway, I'm a DA/SA guy mostly but also like striker-fired pistols. (SAO is reserved for range us as I don't like safeties).

The "odds" of are not relevant to this topic because the odds of needing the weapon to begin with in a concealed carry world are minimal. This is more of a "oh, crap. you have to." type of thing. Especially with working the shops and security work, which is often times plain clothes for me.

I mainly carry a DA/SA pistol of some type. I feel the only hindrance for me is quick distance shots. Especially rushed, in DA. I know some people may be able to pull it off at 25 yards+. Even after shooting DA/SA for almost 20 years and almost 10 of those years with self defense in mind, I'm still not able to accurately do so.

On the range, it'll be acceptable to have a DA flyer and then punch the target repeatedly with the SA pull. However, in real life...I don't think it is at all.

Now, there's a way to remedy that. A few ways. More and more and more practice until I can't get it wrong. Which is difficult. Or cock the hammer in the rushed "go time" moment while losing seconds. --- What would you guys rather do? Or what do you think you'd be capable of? That's not a shot you want to second guess yourself on.

I did it consistently well in my last training course with my M&P 9L (which I sold) and I do it consistently well with my Glock 19, too. For my USP 9C, 226/229, I have to cock the hammer for a nice T-Zone hit.

Now I know this is a rarity. But the same reason I choose Trijicon HD XR sights over XS Big Dot sights, I want all bases covered if they can be or at least pretty damn close to it. (I'm not good with XS sights passed a certain yardage and follow the "if it isn't broken don't fix it theory. I'm perfectly fine up close with both. Not so well at distance with both.)

So, what do you DA/SA guys do? Pointers, tips, tricks, etc are welcome. But I mostly want to hear from the people who either can hit their mark at distance in DA or if you carry either platform and if you've ever practiced or thought about this exact scenario.

PS: Sorry I lied about short and sweet.
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