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I don't know about that, I hope that you are wrong because I love the 45 ACP.

I do agree that the 45 will play second fiddle to 9mm (it already does), and it may wane a bit in appeal compared to the rising popularity of the 10mm, but there is no chance that it will disappear as a popular pistol carry cartridge. It has some unique characteristics that make it desirable, and the price is already down to $0.42 per round and keeps dropping. 10mm is at least 50% more expensive.

In my opinion this would be like thinking that the 30-06 does not have a future as a hunting round because of the popularity of .308 and 6.5 Creedmore. There is room in the shooting market for all.

Speaking of those who "go for more power in a handgun", for the life of me I do NOT UNDERSTAND why those in the 45 ACP community have not embraced the 45 Super and .450 SMC loads. In my opinion these bring the .45 caliber to its full potential, and most 45 ACP shooters don't know about them!!
It has been said that the .45 ACP/1911 Cult (I am a member) was on its last legs for DECADES. But it's more popular than ever today and will outlive even a very young person today unless we go to all phased plasma rifles in the 40 watt range.

Likewise for the good ol' .30-06. Despite all naysayers, it's been around over a century, and 8mm Mauser even longer than that. I love 8mm and although it's a cult caliber in the US, it's still plenty popular in Europe for such an old design. Nostalgia plays a part, but whatever, nostalgia drives many purchases.
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