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my brother shot it while I was gone and didn't clean it
Your brother deserves a kick to the balls!

I wouldn't say 5.45x39 milsurp is dirty. As long as it's cleaned up in a timely manner to rinse out the salts, it shouldn't be that bad. Like any corrosive milsurp ammo, you need to clean the rifle. You're brother needs to learn a lesson in firearm care, corrosive or not.

Per the OP: I bought because I already had a 7.62x39 rifle and wanted to try the AK74. I read good things about the round and the price of ammo was a definite plus. Also, I was able to buy my 1st Siaga for $299, so I jumped! This is definitely a "stack it deep" caliber, given the current price. The 5.45x39 has also become my home defense carbine because of it's easy shooting and the available ammo from Hornady.
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