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I've tried a variety of pocket pistols - The AMT .380 Backup, Kahr PM9, North American Guardian .32, Keltec P32 & P3AT, Kahr CT380, Remington RM380, & the LCP.

Got rid of the AMT, the NA, and the Keltecs. The PM9 was just a tad too big for my pockets, so gave that one to my son. The Remington is nice & all metal, but still a bit large for the pocket. Will keep it though.

The CT380 is my runner-up and gets carried about 20% of the time. My 10 year old LCP of course is the all around winner for EDC in the pocket. Bought this new Gen 2 a year ago to replace it (better trigger & sights), but somehow it hasn't yet been fired.

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