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Originally Posted by Lohman446 View Post
I have been considering replacing my P938 which has filled the role of my pocket pistol in the past. When I carry on a belt I have gotten to the habit of carrying a G19 and am concerned about the difference in battery of arms. This will be worn when I don't feel like dressing around the G19 or its simply not reasonable to do so. . . . .

The Smith and Wesson Shield - especially if the rebates and cheap deals come back on them.

The Glock 43 - seems simple enough . . . .

I have also considered the Ruger LCR. Yes I know this can be had in 9MM but it is likely if I chose this it would be in .327. . . .

I've edited for brevity (which may seem laughable coming from a lawyer), and I'll skip over the guns with which I have no experience. And of course, my usual caveat that free advice is worth exactly what you've paid me for it . . . .

I have 3 carry guns: Small, Medium, and Large. I also like to carry as much gun as I comfortably can. My large carry gun is my G19, but like you, it's just a bit much for carry sometimes.

My medium is a Shield in 9mm. When I was in the process of choosing a new medium gun, my three contenders were the XDS, Shield and G43. I shot all of them, not exactly side-by-side, but in pretty close time proximity to one another. I liked the Shield the best and when you threw in the incentives (for me it was a mag charger, 2 mags, and 2 boxes of ammo), the Shield was the clear winner. I haven't regretted it one bit. I carry in either a Stealthgear Revolution or a DeSantis Speed Scabbard, with 2 mags on the weak side.

If even the Shield is too much, or if I'm in a hurry to just stuff something in my pocket, I have an LCR. Technically, a KLCR, I guess. Chambered in .357, but I carry it with .38s. I don't think there was a .327 available back when I got mine. The trigger is long, but smooth. With .357s: (a) recoil is a bit on the punishing side; and (2) my groups are enormous. With .38s: (a) it's a pussycat; and (b) my groups are much more satisfactory.

I have to admit that several members (either here or THR, I forget) told me that I would have been better off with a .327. I don't really know much about the round, and I'm not going to trade mine in, but I mention that to say that members who may very well know more about ballistics and chamberings than I have said that .327 is a good choice.
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