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"...As per usual for..." You have no money? Decide on a budget first. Do not discount buying used either. It takes a lot of abuse to damage a modern handgun. A used Glock 19 runs a bit over $500 on Gunbroker. A Smith M10 or 60 (.38 Special) can be as low as $300 there. Where you are matters as prices vary from place to place. Best to pop into your local gun shop and shop. You have to try 'em on for size anyway.
"...gun friendly state..." That really doesn't matter as most universities don't permit CCW on campus. So you either leave the thing at home or have a secure place to lock it up elsewhere. And no licence to buy doesn't mean you can carry it without a permit or training.
" with not being shot or cleaned regularly..." They lay wherever you left 'em, collect dust and pout. snicker. By far most CCW, military and police handguns do just that. They're carried a lot but fired little or not at all. SS will help defer that.
"...immune to this issue..." Limp wristing is operator failure that has nothing whatever to do with the firearm.
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