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I don't think a revolver is a bad first choice, but I prefer a 9 mm for all three of your listed uses. I use a Ruger SR9c for concealed carry most of the time, and it is also my HD weapon. The equivalent Glock is the 26 and there are plenty of other choices made in that size range. Something in the Glock 19 range may be a little easier to shoot, but is not as easy to carry concealed in my experience.

I find that most people shoot a semi-automatic better than a revolver. A quality 9 mm is faster on target when fired quickly, faster to reload, cheaper to practice with, and when used with quality ammo as reliable as any revolver in my experience.

The choice of equipment is far less important than getting the proper training to use a firearm in a self-defense situation. This includes an understanding of the laws of your state regarding the use of lethal force. Regular practice is also essential to developing and maintaining the skills necessary to responsibly carry a gun in my opinion. Welcome to the community.
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