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If you want something that can be concealed and pull self defense duty, I think the Ruger SP-101 in 3" would be ideal. The Smith model 60 is up there, too.
The SP-101 is very reliable, as revolvers typically are. It weighs a bit, which makes firing .357 a little more manageable than comparable revolvers. And if .357 is too much, you can always shoot .38 Special in that same cylinder, which has considerably less recoil. A 3" barrel is a good compromise for concealability, sight radius, and ballistics.
As for semi autos: just go with a reputable brand. Glock, Smith M&P, Sig, Ruger... I don't think semi autos are any less reliable in a practical sense. Maybe they are in theory, but...
Choose your platform (revolver or semi auto), and your required research is cut in half.
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