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Originally Posted by GarandTd View Post
I think a polymer, decocker equipped, hammer fired, da/SA semi-automatic makes a great 1st. Polymer might be soulless, but it is forgiving when it comes to maintenance and lighter when it comes to carry. Consider a caliber that is inexpensive and readily available. 9mm is hard to beat.
Yeah, for a new gun owner it really is hard to beat 9mm for a handgun, at least a handgun that has a true purpose for self defense.

What I hate tho is that because 9mm is mainly in pistols and there are some I feel would be better off with a revolver for the first gun.

Yeah, there are 9mm revolvers out there, but they're either single action Ruger Blackhawks, which I don't think are good for concealed carry, expensive S&W's which are too much for a first gun and are really competition oriented, the snub Ruger LCR which has issues with the crimp jump and also I don't like giving relatively new shooters a snub revolver for various reasons, the Charter 9mm is best as a backup gun because reloading is slow, and I've never liked the triggers on SP101's.

I wish that Ruger would hurry up and come out with the 3 inch LCRx in 9mm. It would be more hefty, so crimp jumping would not be as much an issue, the barrel longer for more velocity, adjustable sights to aid in accurate shooting out to longer distances, a fuller size grip, and the nice DA trigger of the LCR.
Any good revolver > Any good semi auto
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