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Originally Posted by StainedClassKing View Post
I’m thinking maybe $600 max. I’ve considered used revolvers too, perhaps an old police Model 10/64.

For a first gun, a revolver in a single and double Action model such as a Ruger GP 100 is a solid choice. As you get more confidence with single action first for basic fundamentals it is important to work on shooting in Double action due to the heavier trigger.

Very few things go wrong with a revolver apart from ammo failures which can be catastrophic in any type of gun. A squib is one of the worst as it can lock the cylinder but it’s exceeding rare in factory ammo. Reloads is a different realm, and it has happened to me personally.

A semiautomatic such as a S&W M&P or Glock 19 is another pair of handguns that don’t require much in terms of upkeep or maintenance. They’re much easier to shoot.

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